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  1. Here's another video that I just recently made for my Cinematography Merit Badge. D.J.
  2. I had some questions: 1. Why did you select a fictional merit badge? Why not work on a real merit badge like Cinematography and earn it at the COH? We only had about a week to film and edit the video, so we didn't have time to earn an actual merit badge. Since we were getting the badge presented at the COH, we didn't want people to think we really earned the badge. We also wanted to use our pet rats. Besides, having a fake badge gave my brother a chance to make a fake merit badge and a fake merit badge book. which you can see here 2. What did you cut from your film? Di
  3. Hi, Because a lot of kids don't ever get merit badges outside of camp or merit badge colleges, we made this video and showed it at our court of honor. At the end, we were presented the fake merit badge at the real court of honro, that's why the video end how it does. Please give my video some hits and maybe some comments. Thank you, D.J. Life Scout
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