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  1. Laurie, Her goes for a first post: The sad fact is many districts lack the individuals that fill those very slots (people)that you are looking for, specifically, the Commissioner's Service. Your Unit Commissioner should be reporting to an Assistant District Commissioner who in turn reports to the District Commissioner. The DC is the volunteer counterpart to the District Exec. The Assistant District Commissioners are in charge of recruiting and training Unit Commissioners who are in charge of supporting and maintaining unit QUALITY. In fact, the District Commissioner should recruit and train a specific Roundtable Commissioner who then recruits and trains their own Roundtable Staff. That would relieve the DE from that work. I think that the simple fact that you, as a Unit level volunteer, are not aware of these folks lets me know that either they do not exist in your district or they are not communicating properly. A great Roundtable topic for every district would be to plot out the entire volunteer and professional position tree WITH VACANCIES highlighted, in addition to the names and #'s of the people who do fill positions and the descriptions of those positions. With your enthusiasm, I think you would be a great Commissioner if you ever choose to go into it. Check out: netcommish.com Great site for Commissioners and those that should be! LfL
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