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  1. Okay, maybe it is just me, but the obvious animal mascot choice for the BSA would be an American Bald Eagle. That is highest rank attainable in Boy Scouts and in Venturing it still fits with the Silver Eagle award. Perhaps have him with an arrow of light at all times. I think the mascot should be the ideal of striving for the highest achievements, and if he is used then he should also embody what it means to have made those achievemnets. If we want to include the Quartermaster award for sea scouting then an anchor needs to be somewhere, maybe as a necklace or something like that. Cub scou
  2. @bigbovine. I understand your delima here. As leasders of Scouting we want to see our youth represent their scouting. The truth is most kids outside of scouting think scouts are dorks, and nerds, and whatever other cruel names they can come up with. Our youth may here that, or even see the uniforms we have as not being very cool. So how do we make the uniform cool? The only thing units really have control over the look of is the Activity shirt. I spent a year trying to convince our troop leaders that they needed a new look and a cooler shirt. The boys had a hand in the design, and I foun
  3. Well when somone says it shouldn't matter how you slice it that is an erroneous idea. It very much matters. As I pointed out a scout is recognized by the shirt at the very least. I think it should be obivous that half unifomring should be waist up period. I don't understand the push for the pants. Until recently the pants were actually optional. Currently, from what I have heard, the pants are now mandatory, but the scarf is optional. That doesn't even make sense. The only policies I have found on the uniform are outdated (yes even on the scouting.org link which was a supplied in the thr
  4. I have read several of these posts and both sides have valid arguments. Personally I think that the neckerchief is more important for the scouts to wear than the pants. By wearing a uniform from the waist up they are not saying they are only half A**ed scouts. Kids grow, and they are hard on clothes. The uniform shirt is easier to deal with as it can come off when activites are being done. If a scout is thrifty then why does it cost so much to uniform a kid "properly"? Are non scout green pants a better option? Is this against rules? Some people just don't have the money, and
  5. Troop 479 apparently has come up with this idea. I use boyscouttrail.com a lot for resources. I saw it a couple of years ago. This link will provide you with what they came up with. http://www.boyscouttrail.com/docs/techchiptraining.pdf
  6. The reason why so many people look to BSA to fix or address issues like this one is because in the broad scope of things the BSA has a wonderful program that many want to be a part of. They all like it EXCEPT (put your reason here). We look to the BSA to create the programs the way we want them because in the very gist of what they offer they have a really good thing and they are established with a program, and uniforms, and symbols, etc. no one wants to re-invent the wheel. And honestly from many of the efforts I have seen in re-inventing the wheel the programs are left lacking.
  7. I believe that the BSA can and should support girls more. Below is why I think that as well as some ideas on how. Why?: Well in my opinion the BSA has the best program availbale for youth in our country, and I fully support co-ed programs such as Venturing and would like to see the female demographic benefit more from the BSA program. Even since the beginning of Boy Scouts girls have wanted to be a part of it. And why not? They want the adventure and experiences their brothers recieved as much as anyone. When I was a scout I knew several girls that wanted to do the things I was doing. And
  8. I am sure it has been addressed, but I think that the Freinds of Scouting should solicit more to those Friends, and not the Scouters/volunteers that are already pouring their time, sweat, emotions, passion, and hard earned money from their own wallets in order to bring the program to the boys (and girls in Venturing). The program is about the youth, and that is all we are trying to do as people that have regular jobs or take care of kids all day, and then spend our time as volunteers for scout units. We do it because it is important to us. Our unit families already pay a lot for uniforms,
  9. I want to thank you Terry. It is all to often we get caught up in the little annoying things we see in scouting today as volunteers trying to bring the values of Scouting to today's youth. Sometimes we need a story just like this one to bring us back to center and remember why we're doing this, and where it came from. I never new this legend of a man, but the stories must be shared at campfires across Scouting the world over. I will invoke the name of Gray Bar Bill in honor of such a great man who gave so much to scouting. And when people ask me who he was I hope I can answer with great confid
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