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  1. I must agree with MaScout - in that I must be upfront and convey to the parents that I will email all parties regarding scouting activities and the like. However, I will not be a go=between and anything they don't want the other parent to know, shouldn't be said to me. 'Cause I can't remember who who/who not to convey scout informationn to.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I agree that I should not be led to be the scapegoat. I've got 8 boys and 1/3 live in 2 households. These parents have equal shared custody. We've only got one month left (our unit does not frequently meet over the summer). So starting in September, I'll be frank with the parents and tell them I will not be notifying 6 extra households of the den's calendar. The parent that shows up at the den meetings will be the primary contact in my book. On the other hand, I believe I must be more descreet in my dealings with the "other parent". I'll be honest, with so mu
  3. This is my first year as a den leader (Tigers) and am experiencing communication problems with separated parents. Parents that are not on a unified front for their cubscout are particularly hard to deal with. I recently found out that one of my scouts is moving and both the mother and father are supportive of their scout's activities and events, however, the one parent hadn't informed the other that they were moving out of the area. The parent asked me about the transfer process and I assumed that the other parent was on the same page and told him of the transfer process. Apparently, the tw
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