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  1. Never leave home without my Buck knife securly tuked in my right back pocket. Most of my friends kinda laugh about it but there have been more than a few occasions that it has come in handy and they are happy I had it. I also carry a letherman in my school bag,( I am in college) and it also has come in handy. I did for a while also have a Vicnox card by swiss army that goes in your wallet, but forgot about it when going thru airport security, I was bummed but it went bye bye. Now I have a little multi tool that goes on my key chain and looks like a key. I still miss my Vicnoix card.
  2. Ah I have been inspired by the wise words of the elders. But what is this a young one has invaded the ranks. For I am 21. Been scouting for more that half my life, but I guess that is not saying a lot. I look forward to benifiting from you knowledge and I hope I can throw some insite your way. After all I rember the days of a being a youth just like it was yesterday. Oh by the way am I youngest or is they anyone younger. Just kinda wondering. Ken
  3. I am 21 and remeber the days of being embarrased like they were just yesterday. It was not until my senior year of high school that I could even admit that I was a scout, or that I brought it up when talking with people. Something just changed inside of me that said who cares what they think. I have done more in 12 years of scouting than most people will do in 30 years of life without scouting. My best advise is be firm with the uniform. If they don't want to wear it on the way to the meeting fine. Get them to put it in a bag and they can change in the car or in the bathroom. But whe
  4. I am a Program Director at a summer camp, and I am always looking for ways of improving the staff. I would just like to hear some things that you think go into making a good staff.
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