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  1. First let me thank all of you for your comments and support. I just wish I had that same support from our CM and CC. Lisabob-I think your first comment is correct. Our CC said that newsletter "hurt her feelings" and because of that she would remain. I really don't see what in there could hurt her feelings. Besides, she is a grown woman. She WILL get over it. It just seems to be a lousy excuse to keep a lousy leader. As for the violations of policy, I was not given a copy so I really have no idea what was there. I did see the heading (it said violations of policy by "Jane Doe"). There w
  2. Thank you all for your thoughts on this issue. However, I do disagree with Trevorum. I believe this IS a Cub Scouting issue. As leaders we are responsible to carry out a quality program directed by quality leaders. If we have neither then who suffers? The boys will. She has already demonstrated her inability to adhere to pack policy. I do not want to leave the pack either. Other than this particular leader we have what I think is a very good program. The other leaders in the pack do not even have any sons in Cub Scouts anymore. They are there because of the boys. I am NOT going to back down on
  3. I am a new den leader. I started 2 months ago. The reason I became den leader is because I was not happy with how our den leader was leading the den (we are now a bear den). After working with this den leader for 2 months I had enough. She would not communicate with me. She blocked my e-mail address and when I would call her on the phone she would hang up on me.She was bad mouthing me (among other things)to the other leaders and parents of the den. She was making me out to be a fool. She did not want my help and resented that I was there. As tiger cubs we started with 14 boys. We now have only
  4. Thank you all for your advice!(This message has been edited by kramr1)
  5. Hello. We have a boy in our den who will be moving to a town about a half hour away. His parents would still like to bring him to our den meetings and stay in the pack. However there are some who say he can't do this and that he has to join the pack in his new town. Some of us disagree. Is there a hard and fast rule that says you must join the pack in your town or can you join any pack?
  6. Thank you all for your advice.
  7. Last night at the den meeting we made birdfeeders(bear achievement 5b). My co-den leader says that because the boys decorated the birdfeeder they will also get credit towards the art belt loop. I said no. We can give credit towards one or the other but not both. However she insists that she is right because "i've always done it that way". She has been den leader for a few years and this is my first year as den leader so she thinks I know nothing. So what is the answer? Does it count for both or just one? Thank You.
  8. Hello to all. My son has been in cub scouts for a couple of years now. The entire time I was never satisified with the way things were being done by his den leader. Being a former scout myself i decided to become a leader and see if I can change things. I am now co-den leader with the den leader that I was not satisified with. Among the many things I disagree with is the fact that she gives credit for achievements/electives that are NOT completed by the boys. She says she does not want to hold anyone back and gives them credit whether they have done it or not. I say they either earn the awards
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