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    Merit Badge

    Thanks for all of ya'lls information. It has really helped. My son was told there would be a scuba diving merit badge. Do you know of any information on it. Thanks
  2. kr1229us

    Trailer organization ideas

    Hello, We have a trailer and we welded these metal strips to one side of the wall. If you can find a grocery store or walmart or something of that sort that would donate you the strips and metal shelves they work the best. That is what we did. These strips hold metal shelves. Then for extra support on the shelves we used 3 inch wide straps ran them up and down just for extra support. But this allows you to move the shelves if you need to. We also use the tote system. Each patrol has a tote with there cooking equipment ect. This way they are responsible for keeping up with everything in there patrol. We also looped straps on the other side of the trailer they hold our metal poles that holds our rain fly. Our longest pole is 6 ft long. There are around 20 poles. Then we role the tarp and goes in a tote. These straps also hold our lantern holders. We have around six of them. When we do our Shake Down before a camp out the boys buddy up as tent partners. Then we get an empty tote and they put all there stuff in a tote together. One gets one side one gets the other. If the boys pack there clothes in ziplock bags they have plenty of room in the tote. These totes do ok outside there tents. This has been a big help with getting the boys to keep there tents clean and neat. Each tent also gets one empty tote to sit out side the tent that holds the boys dirty clothes bags. It took us some work to get the boys to do this system but know they have the hang of it and the tents are a lot cleaner and they have alot more room inside the tent. We had to start out with having patrol leaders do tent/tote checks for neatness twice a day. Then after dinner the patrol leader would get the SPL to check the tent/totes. We give out awards at our Court of Honors for the most points that are earned by an indiviual. like camping chair ect....... We just camp back from summer camp and took 22 boys and it worked. We stack all the totes in the middle walk way of the trailer. Hope this helps.
  3. kr1229us

    Merit Badge

    Hello, Can anyone tell me where I can find out how the Scouts sign up for merit badge classes or how much any some of them cost? Or do they just sign up for them when they get to the Jamboree? Thanks, for any information you can give me.