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  1. I think teh opposite of what one said. The public school IS a charitable organization, even though it is the governmentr adn the private school may or may not be a charitable organization. Association with a church does not exclude it from being for-profit.
  2. The problem is finding an organization that will accept soemone younger than 18. Any ideas? Ken
  3. Boy, do you guys let loose! Thanks for the ideas! Ken
  4. Please share your good ideas for displaying our boys' past advancement patches and pins. thanks
  5. I'll bet some of that two sided adhesive tape used for putting down patches of carpet would work well, may even stay on through the wash.
  6. While I appreciate all your concern and information about how our chartering organization runs its scouting program, that is not the point of my topic, so I would rather not continue to comment on the why's that have brought our organization to this point. Suffice it to know that the BSA knows the organizaiton well and is aware of how it is organized to utilize scouting to benefit the young men in th eorganization. As far as restricting them is concerned, I think this is putting words in my mouth, as what I tried to describe was a slower transition to working with the older boys, not "restri
  7. The requirement refers to patrol OR troop activities other than meetings, so why wouldn't a Court of honor be considered an activity, expecially an Eagle court? As far as the camping limitation, it is a little more complicated than you all might understand. It has to do with two facts, I believe. You should understand that BSA plays the role of the activity arm of many churches, but within a church, there may be auxilaries or programs (priesthood, for example) that do not directly coincide with the BSA ages of involvement. So, the new scout patrol is administered by one auxillary and th
  8. Just wanting others' interpretations of what is considered a troop or patrol activity. Our new scout patrol does not go camping more than two or three times while they are 11 years old (church policy) and they do some of there hiking during the time of their patrol meetings. Some argue that the hike will not count, as it is the patrol meeting, but I wonder if a hike would really be considered a patrol "meeting." It seems that a hike is a patrol activity and not letting a boy count it as a patrol activity because it was on Wednesday evening instead of Saturday is a bit picky. I also conside
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