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  1. This was not a MaY 12 Swim? I am not sure what that is. I am sorry you had issues as a counselor. I see from reading these posts here on the forum how hard of a job you have. Helping the boys and I guess dealing with parents. The funny part is that is the first time I have ever asked a couonselor a question. It will also be the last. Like I said my son accepted his failure. I am okay with what happened. The forum was nice to have to get set straight. every needs that every once in a while.
  2. He and I were iritated with the counselor but that is all over and he's dissappointed but okay. My problem was with the SM saying he shouldn't try again or not encouraging him to work at it. Is that the message we want to send the kids if you fail something you don't need to try again. I was proud of him that he stayed to cheer on a friend in the class after he was visible upset. I'm proud that he even wanted to try to do it again same day with the counselor. I am proud of him and I am very dissappointed with the idea of not letting him try again if he humbled himself to his failure wether his fault or the counselors. I say let the boy do it again! he's learning to overcome failure. I also realize the "class" setting was intended for testing out of the merit badge and not teaching. I guess I just want the SM to be encouraging.... Boy that was like therapy getting the words out. Thanks
  3. my son attempted to take the life saving merit badge. Did the 400 yards. waited with the rest of the boys to start next portion when the instructor told him in front of all the boys he failed. Told him he could retry after he rested. He sucked it up, waited. Then the instructor told him he couldn't retry. He was devestated. Mind you there were no lanes by that instructor in the pool and boys sent in the water to do laps. He was close to the wall, ran into it so he "pushed" off and continued the yardage. The other boys did the same thing. When I asked if he could use the only lane to try again he said no because he did not want him near anything. I know it is suppose to be be continueous... He also asked if he could do the strokes in an order that he felt he could do them more fitting to him. He was told no. Do the strokes have to be done in any specific order? Now his scoutmaster is saying life saving is intended for 3rd or 4th year scouts and his failure is because he's too young (12). I understood it as a scout can WORK on any merit badge at any time. Sometimes the merit badges are work...meaning you may not succeed at first. Because my son excels at things, this is his first failure at a merit badge. I viewed it as a good lesson about perserverance and keep working at it, you can do it and not everything comes easy like the first 46 merit badges.... But they don't want him to try it again. Do I put up a stink?
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