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  1. Eagle - Well, I am Committe Chair of our Venture Crew. We have Girls that are still in GS and Boys that are still in the troop. I am not about to touch the differences here! The girls are already asking why the Silver is a higher award than the Gold in Venturing!!! I will just stick with my original project and prepare myself to answer the questions I am asked!! Thanks to EVERYONE who has responed with comments and suggestions today. Yes, Even BW. They are greatly appreciated!
  2. Well said FOG!! That is exactly what I am trying to do. There is no DUEL, there is not fight. I simply want to be able to answer questions and explaing the facts to those who ask. Once I put together the facts that I gather, I will gladly share them with anyone who is interested!
  3. I am not suprised that you were not aware of the GS Gold until you daughter joined GS. That is something that needs to be addressed in getting the award recognized as is the Eagle. I believe that one of the reasons is that the GS Gold Award has changed names several times. It was previously known as the Golden Eaglet, Curved Bar and First Class Award. There was recently an resolution passed that will forbid the name being changed in the future. This is just first step but hopefully the Gold will begin to be recognized in much the same manner as the Eagle.
  4. Bob - Why are you SO DEFENSIVE??!!?? I see this in MANY MANY posts that you make. You are missing my point entirely!! I am not trying to PROVE anything, JUST INFORM!!! I have posted this question to many forums and have gotten excellent resonses from many individuals who have understood that the point here is to EDUCATE - NOT TAKE SIDES. I'm not sure why you don't see this!
  5. OK, this was my first post to this group and I guess I wasn't really clear!! I am certainly not looking to say one is better than the other. I think they are both wonderful! However, there are differences in the requirements. I have heard GS people say "All you have to do for an Eagle is build a bench". We know that is not true. And then you hear BS people say that 'as long as you stay registered in GS, you get your Gold. That is certainly not true either! I am just looking for something so I can better educate individuals who don't understand the award of the other organization. Hopefully thi
  6. As a member or our Council's Gold Award Advisory Committe and a Committee member in BSA who participates in Board's of Review for BS Rank advancements, I have a question. Has anyone ever seen something that compares the Gold/Eagle requirements? I have looked and looked and cannot find anything. Seems like any comments I find are slanted based on the affiliation of the person making the comments. The GS person always states that the Gold is tougher and the BS person always states that the Eagle is tougher. I am looking for specific facts. I am trying to put something together since it seem
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