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  1. As I live and work in this area let me take a stab at this. If you are looking for a Camp area around the DC area there are a lot to choose from. One of our favorites is here at the Marine Coup base Quantico. Lunga Park has a lot to offer. E-mail me and I'll give you their numbers and point of contact for reservations. There may be areas available for scouts to use for the day/night on base. I have run a similar program while stationed as Scott AFB IL. I'll check with contacts on Quantico to see what is available. Scott "A Good old Beaver too"
  2. Sorry Eamonn, I'm not going to byte your head off. Although being a MC is a lot of extra work there are several that should be conducted by the Scoutmaster or assistant within the Troop. i.e. cooking, camping, hiking, backpacking to name a few. These require several outings and are done over many weeks or months. Scott
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