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  1. Can a Scoutmaster also be a merit badge counselor? There are a couple of merit badges I am involved with at the moment and now that I'm a new Scoutmaster, can I continue counseling or try and turn them over to another counselor. I've checked " A guide to merit badge counseling" and the Scoutmaster handbook. Having a hard time tracking down " Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures ". Any help would be appreciated; just don't want to mess up the work the boys are doing on their merit badges.
  2. Greetings! New to forum and soon to become a Scoutmaster. In talking to other leaders in our area, I have encountered a phase that confused me; that our troop is considered an 'Eagle Factory'. Sour Grapes, or should I be concerned. We do have a higher than national average of boys obtaining the rank of Eagle, but I've never given too much thought to this. (We also have an above average amount of parent involvement) I realize that every troop is different. All of the advancement boards and merit badges I have been involved with conform to the Boy Scout guidelines. Thanks in advance for any im
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