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  1. Thank you all for the information. I am really enjoyed the trip down memory lane, and my 3 year old and 5 year old are now asking me a lot of questions about scouting. Within our troop, our patrol was indeed the more active. Rappelling, scuba diving and hicking were all things we took part in on a regular basis. Eagle92, you referenced the change from the Leadership Corp. I recall that this was about the time that there were changes in the leader patches as well. I have a new style patrol leader patch on my uniform, but wore the older green one for quite some time.
  2. Hello all. Last night I pulled out my BSA uniform to prove to my wife that it still fits 17 years later. I was telling her about all of the patches, and she asked about my venture patch. I told her about the program, and went on the internet this morning to see what had changed. There sure were a lot of changes! I did find something odd though. It said that Venture scouting started in 1998. This can't be true. I left scouting in 1993 and we had a venture program for the older scouts for at least 2 years prior to that. Some of us in the troop wore a small patch on our sleeve that
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