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  1. This year I have the honor of co-chairing our district Klondike Derby. One of the less advertised events will be a safety check of the Troops campsites. One of the items we want to look for is, are the tents a safe distance from the fire ring. I know this is going to be subject to different situations, but I believe I have read, in a BSA publication, a recommended distance. Does any one know where I may have seen this? Thanks in advance.....
  2. I had just read this thread on 11/09, on 11/10 this movie was on Starz. I had never watched it before, what a great movie.
  3. Our troop has been using the Troopmaster software ever since the DOS version. And have upgraded many times since. I cant speak for the other programs out there, but Troopmaster is approved by national. Upgrades are easy to come by, as the patches are on their website.It also works with ScoutNet. Most of all they have great phone support. I know it has helped me alot in the past and well worth the money. And no I dont work for them
  4. Cant help you with Scoutmate either, we also use Troopmaster.
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