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  1. Who's got pictures of den doodles? I've seen the one in the How To Book, I'm just looking for some other options. Does anyone else use them? If so, what types of things do the boys do to earn beads for it.
  2. My Wolf den used denners this year. I have 11 boys, so we just rotated every month. They got to lead the pledge and oath, they helped me run the meeting, pass things out collect things etc. The denner at the pack meeting got to help with the color gaurd. We have so many boys that alphabetical rotation worked out well.
  3. Neal - Thanks so much for Trax suggestion. I use it for my den already. I never thought to check if they have an adult training trax. That's awesome. I also noticed that they've all been updated as of April 2009. I even found a trax form for my wife's Daisey troop.
  4. Does anyone have a good system for Pack Trainers to track and keep records of your leaders training?
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