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  1. I came across some Boy Scout diaries from around 1930 from a scout in North Haven, Maine. I contacted the historical society there about donating them but received no interest or response. I am willing to scan one diary and the rest will be posted for sale on Ebay. Cut to the chase. Is anyone out there interested in figuring out how and where to get the scans posted on the web? I am not involved in scouting but I would like to see at least something of historical value shared. Let me know if you have interest in this project. Thanks, Johnx
  2. Greetings, I came into possession of some Boy Scout diaries from the 1930's. They are from North Haven, Main. I contacted their Historical Society about donating them but have received no response. I can scan one of the diaries from 1930 and send the files to someone who wants to figure out how to make them available to the the public on the web. Best regards and please reply, Johnx
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