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  1. I have a question for the group: Is it ok by BSA rules to put business logos of scout items? For example, can you put a business logo on Troop "class B" t-shirts if that business pays for them? Can you put a business logo on the Troop trailer if that business contributes to the purchase of the trailer or supports the unit in other ways? I have not found any guidance about this in BSA regulations, but perhaps I haven't looked hard enough. Joe
  2. I need some information. I just returned from summer camp with six scouts who completed the swimming merit badge. The camp we attended instructed and evaluated many of the events improperly. My biggest concerns are that the survival float and clothes inflation were all done in shallow water with the scouts standing on the bottom. Also, several of the scouts did the 150 yard swim using poor form and struggling to finish. (I mean REALLY struggling, to the point where I was worried about their safety.) If it was any other merit badge I wouldn't lose sleep over it, but the swimming m
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