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  1. well if you have a large laundry bag to stuff their sleeping bag into they can put the older patches on it and put the newer patches on the vest.
  2. Hey, Shortridge kinda of the same boat. We wanted to get our daughter,3 rd grade, into scouting because of the outdoors and meeting new friends. So I took her to a troop with a friend from school and she liked it. I stayed around since it is hard to find volunteers to help, I remembered it from BSA. Well before long the ATL quit so I stepped up, with the troop leaders blessing, and its been great ever since, and my wife volunteers also. On trips I get up earlier before the girls so I am done changing and wait for them to get ready or go to bed later. At council's camp the other leaders a
  3. We just came back from our camporee and our girls did have fun (food was ok). Anybody have any good stories about their trip?
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