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    Bobcat/Tiger Question

    Thank you Oak Tree and Lisa'bob, I will do just like you said! I can hardly wait for our meetings to begin!!! James
  2. JCArter

    Bobcat/Tiger Question

    Hello all! I am going to be the Tiger Leader in my son's pack this fall. I volunteered as an assistant Bear Leader last year but I have no experience with 1st grade boy's. Now that the tiger age boy's are to earn their Bobcat rank first I am curious... as the Tiger Leader do I merely record the boys progress towards Bobcat or do they need to recite the promise, motto etc. at a den meeting? I remember having to recite them as a second grader in the 70's, but somehow I just dont know if that is how this would be handled for this age group. My son has completed all of his bobcat requirements and knows them quite well in the comfort of his own home. But if some guy or gal new to him were to ask him the cub scout motto I am not sure he could get it out. This of course is a question that I could ask at the next round table but I have learned a lot from these forums and thought I would ask. Thanks in advance! James
  3. JCArter

    Where do I start?

    Hello! I have a son who will not be old enough for Tiger Cubs for another year. I was a cub scout when I was a kid and I am interested in being a Tiger Cub leader. But I think it might be better to get experience as a leader during this next year. Is this a good idea or should I wait until my son is old enough and just start when he does? Any input would be valued!