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  1. Oops. I messed up already, guess that happens when you are new here. I posted my question under the title ASM which was pretty stupid, but I thought it meant my title. It is tough being old in the computer generation. My question had to do with the need for information as a new staffer to the MBM. So far I know nothing and am getting nervous about needing to get supplies for my booth if that is my responsibility.
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    merit badge midway staff

    Stephen Hernandez is the man that I am in touch with and I guess I am it for the Art Merit Badge. Glad to know about the power situation and the driving. There are always a lot of supplies needed for art.
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    merit badge midway staff

    Thanks for the replies. I have heard from a person at National finally. Seems I am the only one in my booth so I have written the curriculum to complete the badge at jambo and we are now talking supplies. Are we able to drive directly to our location so I can drop off equipment and do we have electricity? I have been redirected to the Arts and Sciences department, but I hope I am still on the midway itself. I have yet to confirm that fact. Flexibility will be the key to this one. Oh yeah, and being prepared! ;-)
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    I will be attending jambo for the first time as a staffer on the merit badge midway. So far, I have no further info from national other than what badge I will be doing. Who provides all the needed supplies and equipment for the booth? I am feeling very nervous at the lack of info provided. Can anyone direct me to a discussion area about specifically merit badges at jambo or does anyone out there have some previous experienced knowledge thay can share?