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  1. For those new parents, scouts, campers, etc. looking for guidance, I point you to a free pdf download file for those considering camping and backpacking gear. I am not connected with the site, but can heartily recommend the easy read there on backpacking gear (a lot of which can apply to regular camping). Anyway, go to http://www.kuffelcreek.com/new_release.htm and download the Lightweight Backpacking document and give it a good read - it will help you with gear decisions and make those outings more enjoyable. john
  2. Greetings, I am trying to determine to what degree much of the training required/needed for Boy Scout leaders is tax deductible. I suspect I would be able to deduct fees for training such as BSLST, YPT, etc., but what about first aid and CPR training? I would received useful benefits for such training that could be used outside of Scouts, but since much of this is mandatory, at least for some leaders, wouldn't this be deductible? thanks, john
  3. Bingo - thanks so much - this will give me an idea of whether my daughter would enjoy Venturing. I have also put out queries to a local Crew Adviser to see what the crew is into. Again, thanks much. john
  4. Greetings all, I am an assistant scoutmaster for a Boy Scout troop but have a daughter that I think may be a good match with the Venturing program. I'd like to check out one of the VAIS forms to get a feel for whether her interests might be a match, but have not located the form on the scouting.org site. If anyone has a pointer or softcopy, I would appreciate it. thanks, john
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