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  1. This thread really reflects the varied experiences folks have with the Life to Eagle process (e.g. micromanager, party planner, mentor/advisor)! Eagle Scout Advisor/coordinator/whatever is not an official BSA position but it is important for Scouts to have an advocate who is familiar with the Eagle process, expectations and paperwork to work with on a regular basis. This is not usually the boy's parent nor is this the District Eagle Board representative. The role of the Advisor (I like Advisor better than Coordinator, it emphasizes the mentoring and coaching aspect), encourages the Scout to proceed but does not make phone calls, fill out paperwork, plan and execute the project, make copies, etc. The Advisor supports the Scout in understanding the requirements and sometimes assists the Scout in meeting with other adults who may not be as familiar with the process or BSA policies. One of the things I hear a lot of as a Scouter is troops that add extra requirements to advancement in their interpretation of the requirements. While the process needs to be rigorous and meaningful, you need to be careful to keep expectations realistic and within BSA parameters.
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