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    A camporee with "JLT" as its theme?

    Thanks for your input on this EagleDad! Great advice that you have given! I'll let you know how this is turning out on the district level.(Don,t think I can sell this idea council wide level just yet.)
  2. Hello! My name is Rhett, and I am new to this forum at "Scouter". I am an Assistant Scountmaster in a Boy Scout troop and a Eagle Scout. I would like to hear from anyone that has participated in a camporee with JLT as its theme and would like to hear your feedback. Our council just cancelled a NYLT course due to "lack of interest" from the boys.The last time the council did any type of junior leader training was about 12 years ago. I'm thinking that a camporee would be a good event to re-introduce JLT to alot of troops and may spark an interest in the boys and them wanting to attend a NYLT course.