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  1. The candidates unit leader introduces him to the members of the board of review. The unit leader may remain in the room, but does not participate in the board of review. The unit leader may be called on to clarify a point in question. After the review, the candidate and his unit leader leave the room while the board members discuss the acceptability of the Eagle candidate." This is pretty much how it happened . The scoutmaster stayed in the room while the scout went outside . I am just trying to get a better feel on how it all works .
  2. What are the other functions ? the scout can have another liason appointed right . Someone the scout felt more comfortable with . Would the scoutmaster still be there ?
  3. 4 adults sitting as the board . The scoutmaster stays in the room . Is it safe to say he was the liason for the scout .
  4. I have cooked a roast with carrots, onions & potatoes many times in a dutch oven . It was very good every time ,why can't this be done with just a lower heat ?
  5. My sons troop went to Wash . d.c. during April vac . They camped in Greenbelt state park , Geenbelt Md . Right outside Wash .DC.. Very affordable I believe . I went as well ,my first time and it was great .Keep the ? coming .
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