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  1. Cubmaster Mike wrote: The reason I give the youth for this restriction? Its simply not allowed. Why? Because I value my time with you and dont want to share it with an LCD screen. If thats not enough for the youth, then next time they can stay at home. ------------------------------------------------------ Wow. Thank you. This is the most logical reason I've heard to date (not just in here) as to why electronics shouldn't be allowed on Scout functions. Yes, technically, it is (supposed to be) different for Venturing Crews. THEY make the rules, the adults are no more than the
  2. To Narraticong: I agree with you 100%. I have zero problems with electronics, when used on personal time. Let them bring anything they want. It's all about MODERATION. I could care less if they want to tune out during downtimes, but I DO enjoy seeing a bunch of teenagers sitting at a table together all playing cards, or a board game...and really interacting with each other. I'm sad when I see the one or two holed off in a corner, plugged into headphones and playing a hand-held game. What is it about this kid that makes him want to isolate himself from the others? If a
  3. John-in-KC writes: Have the youth members write it. If you write it, even if they vote on it, it's your rule and not their self-chosen custom. ------ I didn't write it. My daughter, who was the crew president in the prior crew, found it on the internet. She brought it in, and they tweaked it (a LOT). She used those old ByLaws to use as a starting draft for her new crew.
  4. Stosh, This is what I've been used to. But in Venturing, they tell us we can't make these kind of rules for the youth. Herein lies my original issue.
  5. If any 'rule' is voted into the ByLaws by the youth, then it can be enforced, and will. Yes, some of the youth DO feel that there does need to be something in writing, so that it won't be an issue in the future. I received a tip from someone in a very functional, old Crew, who suggested that we also put into the ByLaws, that the Crew members are all allowed to "police" each other, without going to President... or ultimately the Advisor. That way it's not really a big deal for Crew member to say to another, "hey dude, put away the head phones..." Remember, that paragraph that I qu
  6. "Also, please DON'T put such rules in your bylaws. Create a separate policies document and place them in that." This sounds like a much better idea - thank you.
  7. The founding members of the crew actually wrote those. The original - a sample - was given to them, they added and took away.
  8. This is how the electronics 'policy' reads in our Crew ByLaws that will voted on in the next couple of weeks. These were not in effect this past weekend. I see it as a fair compromise. Electronics: Our Crew has accepted a minimum electronics acceptance. Small electronics such as mp3 players, radios, hand-held games, etc. are permitted only in personal tents/cabins after lights-out, during personal down-times or traveling. Acceptable electronics must have personal earphones and must not be heard by any other Crew member. Volume of earphones will be set so a Crew member is able to he
  9. Wow I love this! I showed it to both of my teenagers and they were amazed Thanks for sharing! My daughter is a VOA officer in our council, she plans to bring up the text contest idea
  10. I really appreciate the feedback - it helps me get my own head into the right place - I LOVE these ideas!! "Text Trivia" - send the answers to the front table, first one in gets the point. Waaay too funny!! Thank you again everyone -
  11. In all actuality, I sit in the middle of the road on this. This is the 21st Century and youth today connect themselves via electronics. We adults use our texting to locate each other and meet up. I've texted my daughter to double check where she wanted the Crew to meet, etc... I've been around units that range from a parent wanting to 'report' me for letting 3 cub scouts (who arrived at a campout an hour early, and it was pouring rain) to sit in my van and watch a movie while they wait for their friends.... and a Venturing Crew meeting where all youth are required to turn off their cell
  12. "Put into the bylaws a law that says the program activities must be more engaging and exciting than text messaging." HAHA excellent! Too bad this was a Council Event! I guess we'll know next time. I agree, the activities must keep them busy enough to simply not want to sit in a huddle and text. ...and since there is nothing in the G2SS about personal electronics, then we are at their mercy However, when one of the boys is walking around the function with headphones in, and another leader walks up to him and tells him to put away the electronics, how should he respond?
  13. I'm sorry if this topic sounds nit-picky, but a situation rose this weekend and it's time for me to do my homework... I'm a Crew Advisor for Venturing Crew that's about a year old. We were at a Council sponsored event, and we had two youth with us as guests, who are possible members. As any adult that's come up through Scouting (I started as my son's Tiger Cub Den Leader), the rule of "no electronics" has always been present. Sure, accommodations can and have been made through the years, but it's always gone without saying, "use your phones and your .mp3 players, etc during the tri
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