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  1. I have been a member of Columbia Montour and Wyona 18 since I was a tiger cub on up and still am today. I have a nice collection started but far from complete. I look to preserve the history of our organizations and I think this is one way I can help do that. I one day hope to have my collection on display in the council office for everyone to see once it is one worth showing. Also I find old patches as a way to look back and remember our past. So that is my intention. I am not a seller of patches or anything like that. Matter of fact the only time I ever sold any patches is when it was a funraiser to make money for the youth to go to NOAC. Sincerely Hamer 82
  2. I really do not see ANY damage by having a troop or pack design, buld, and display a gateway. Not only does it foster teem work, but it also fosters creativity, showmanship, an opertunity to think outside of the box, and most of all a sense of pride. I don't think you all should be so hard on gateways. And by the way, LNT is great but you can't let it run your life. You know what they say Opinions are like..... And yes everyone has one. Hamer82
  3. Hello, I am looking for patches from either Camp Lavigne, Wyona Lodge #18, or Columbia Montour Council BSA. All located in or near Bloomsburg PA. If you have any of these patches or know where I may find some please reply. Thank You Hamer82
  4. I have worked at a scout camp for 10 years and watched the transition from medications not being an issue to full regulation. As a kid not so long ago, at least I like to think, we would take any medications we needed to take in a little plastic sandwich baggie. No big deal. As the years have progress I think as most things unfortunately have, letting youth carry around medications (especially controlled substances) becomes a liability. I know at our camp we have a great health team, me being one of them but trust me I am by no means biased. Otherwise I just wouldnt have told you I was part of it. We have a RN there all day who collects the medications in the beginning of the week and then at meal times distributes them as needed. You make the statement that the kids should be responsible enough to handle there own meds. In my experience this is going to mean a week of no medication. Mainly because the last thing on a youths mind is taking his meds. These may be complicated by making that boy one with ADHD, or ADD. We usually have a hard enough time trying to get the child to come take his meds when we announce at meal time that the nurse will be over there at the corner table all during meal time for you to go get your meds. We usually announce this twice. So as for the issue of responsibility it still leaves it primarily in the youths hands we just get to hold onto the controlled substances. Our nurse and I have developed this system with several medication tracking forms that the parents can see at any time to see if there kids are taking there meds, when, and what so trust should not be an issue. It is a system that works for us, and we are just a simple operation. Hope any of this helped.
  5. Ok so, I'm new to these forum things.... And not sure if I will continue to read them either seeing as how some of these people here are not here for all the right reasons. And I would have to also question their dedication to the organization. However, The Boy Scouts of America is an organization that is not mandatory to belong to here in the United States. So to be a member you need to meet certain criteria, just as any organization had rules for being a member. If you do not meet these criteria, or you do not believe in what they stand for you can not join and should not want to join. I have been a Scout for 20 years. Being a Scout is not a Right, it is a privilege. And if you talk about not wanting to wear a Flag of The United States of America, for which you should be proud to have the privilege to wear, then maybe your should not be in this organization. I know if I had anything to do with it you most likely would not be. Moreover if you want to wear a Flag of another country on your uniform, Move to That Country, this is the Boy Scouts of AMERICA. You should only be so Proud to wear the flag of your country and everything it stands for. I have said enough. I hope. And I was sorry to read all of this non-sense on here. This whole forum is rather controversial if you ask me. Nothing stated here is meant to hurt anyones feelings, but maybe should stir some thoughts. Good Day
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