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    What's your biggest problem?

    As a parent of a new cub scout.... We meet as one pack, seperate into the grades for activitys. 1. Lack of information. I have to ask to get any. I recieve an email a couple hours before a meeting to tell us to come half an hour early. I have to ask them to sign my son's book when he earns something at a meeting so I can keep track. Emails going unanswered. 2. Complete chaos at meetings. They only last 1 hour and my goodness the boys probably only spend 20-30 min tops actually doing something. The rest of the time they have the run of the place. No structure at all. 3. Not allowing new parents to help out. Have any idea how many times I have offered? 4. Camping. The boys never cook their own meals, ever. The parents do just about everything. 5. When boys are working on stuff at meetings parents doing the work for them, while the boys run around, and they still get the badge work credited! 6. Way too much is done on very short notice. 7. I hear the end of the year trip, they let the kids trash the hotels and adults drink alcohol. We will NOT be attending. I think I need to find a new den/pack for my son......