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  1. I have just returned from Owasippe's 100th Celebration. At this point CAC (via the new Exec) is firmly behind Owasippe for another 100 years. They have added more sessions for Webelos summer camp using Carlen(unofficially Camp Carlen appears to be their new location for their Webelos summercamp). They are planning on expanding the number of Webelos sessions next year. As they work that part of the program they should see increased attendance at Troop level increasing their overall numbers.
  2. We have had several scouts spend the summer as either councilors or CITs (at OSR); do these qualify towards the 100 nights of camping?
  3. Reading all the feedback makes me wonder what happen to the 'human factor'. The reason we have rescue units, fire departments, police, life squads etc. is to save a human life wherever we can. Sure, this costs money - that money is paid for through our tax base. Beside how much is a human life worth? We spend billions to go to war and cant spend 25k to save someone? Whats wrong with us? Yes, humans can be stupid resulting in an injury. We teach our scouts how to take care of themselves and others. We do not 'charge' for this service. What would the non-scouting public think if every time an Eagle Scout rescued someone - they gave them a bill. Should we alter our oath and law to stipulate that we will do it for a fee? What do we teach our children when we do this? What does the rest of the world think of us when they read about it? Regardless of this young mans status as an Eagle Scout, why would we bill someone for a 'rescue'? We should be proud of the fact that we have the technology and resources to go to such great lengths to save a life. If this is where we are headed then how about a full accounting of all the associated tax revenue (including this Scouts paid taxes) for every human in this area divided by the cost of the rescue services that these taxpayers may never use, and then figure out if this in a net loss operation. Oh, and lest we forget, anyone who passes away having never used the rescue service should be given a refund and a posthumous thank you letter for never making a stupid mistake. So, in conclusion and in line with my policy not to complain or criticize without a recommendation, here goes; any one or a combination of these should do nicely 1) All scouts from here on should charge for good turns, community service, and Eagle Projects, this fee will be banked to pay for the rescue of any scouter 2) All rescue organizations that charge the public for a rescue should be exempted from any tax money collected for such a service, local, State or Federal - period! Our Military should not be engaged to protect them unless they are charged accordingly. I might add that since this recent Trillion dollar financial bailout cost an estimated 90k per citizen these people should be billed immediately! 3) Those that get the tax money - should provide the rescue for free - after all is it not their duty to protect and serve, don't some actually take an oath? 4) If we cannot get our local rescue and emergency service organizations to provide this service as a basic human need, then have our military do it - they are paid for 5) Since emergency services are usually provided because of stupid mistakes - outlaw stupid mistakes 6) All of us realize we are here for each other, and out of our respect for human life we will all, at any given time, go to extraordinary extremes to help one and other through the challenges of life, regardless of the reason............... a human life is precious and should be saved whenever possible no qualifications and no bill period 7) In my particular case, if I make a stupid mistake and end up requiring a rescue, forget it, let me die. Its better than coming home bankrupt!
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