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  1. I have just returned from Owasippe's 100th Celebration. At this point CAC (via the new Exec) is firmly behind Owasippe for another 100 years. They have added more sessions for Webelos summer camp using Carlen(unofficially Camp Carlen appears to be their new location for their Webelos summercamp). They are planning on expanding the number of Webelos sessions next year. As they work that part of the program they should see increased attendance at Troop level increasing their overall numbers.
  2. We have had several scouts spend the summer as either councilors or CITs (at OSR); do these qualify towards the 100 nights of camping?
  3. Reading all the feedback makes me wonder what happen to the 'human factor'. The reason we have rescue units, fire departments, police, life squads etc. is to save a human life wherever we can. Sure, this costs money - that money is paid for through our tax base. Beside how much is a human life worth? We spend billions to go to war and cant spend 25k to save someone? Whats wrong with us? Yes, humans can be stupid resulting in an injury. We teach our scouts how to take care of themselves and others. We do not 'charge' for this service. What would the non-scouting public think if every time a
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