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  1. Good day. I have been Active in Scouts Since I was a tiger cub in 1987. I transferred from three different packs/troops on my trail to Eagle in 1998. As a scout a discipline that I always contributed to Scouting was pushups. I am now Assistant Scoutmaster and Assistant Den leader of a troop in Wichita, ks. I took Leadership training three years ago, and pushups was still accepted. Some of our New parents went to the leadership training here recently summer 2004. And found out that pushups are considered as HAZING. And after talking with the other adults in our current pack the adults believe that pushups are a great way for Leaders to redirect Children that are mis-behaving. And agreed to continue with them. What other forms of discipline would be suggested? Why are pushups considered HAZING? My feelings are if the kids are doing pushups it also doubles as exercise and redirects their attention to scout activities.
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    Long Time Scouter needs New Guidance

    This troop has a history of being one of the largest in town for many years. With the occasional period of only 15-20 activ boys in the troop and 10-20 boys in the cub pack. We are well liked by the boys as far as our troop has the equipment to go caving, repelling. and all of the equipment for outpost camping and canoeing. When we asked the boys (Since Scouts are suppose to be Boy lead) what kind of discipline actions they wanted to see, they came up with. Pushups for the first few instances and a suspension for 1 week away from scouts if the problem persisted along with the parental phone call to explain the situation.
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    Long Time Scouter needs New Guidance

    I have been through been through all of the training from Fast start, new leader essentials, Leader specific, &Scout MAster Trainging during theh 1999, 2000, & 2001 Time frames. During those traing program we was instructed that as long as they we delivered in a fair fashion - Pushups was approved. We currently don't have "Snack time" to take from the kids. Also have you seen kids with fire that is only best done when outside. We tried to implement the Three strike and your out policy. Where once they recieved 3 strikes they was banned from the next campout. thus creating not enough youth to go on a campout. Between the other leaders in our troop which most of them are all past Eagles themselves from other troops all recognize pushups as a fair punishment. All of our leaders have been through all of the training. Just recently one of our leaders took a refresher course and was reemed by the trainer for even suggesting pushups. Which was hard to believe. His dad is the Scoutmaster in the troop, he himself is also a leader of the troop for 3-4 years now, and between me and him and the different troops we have been through. Pushup was a common punishment for mis-behaving. That is probably what is wrong with the kids today, they don't recieve discipline at home or at scouts. When pushups in our troop ar given it is in the amouints of 10-20 per time/instance. If the boy recieves pushups more than twice in the evening a call to his parents is usually instore. We ask them to stay for the next meeting to control his/her son.