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  1. I tend to agree that a heavy duty coat in the gore tex type parka with zip out liner OR the heavy duty M65 style coat. I have noticed that there is a tan model. I think that the parka style with the zip out liner is the Better of the two.
  2. I agree that better outer wear is in order. I still love my red wool shirt jacket...it survived many trips to Philmont and still is in good order. I have purchased a red polar fleece vest and jacket from Wearguard, they are very sturdy and more inportantly...WARM ( better when polar fleece vest is worn over the polar fleece jacket) As for the outer layer I use a Red/Black parka with zip out liner. I like the red wool watch cap with light gore tex liner. The key is LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS !!!
  3. Seems to me that when I was growing up ( a reallly long time ago) we were required to wear our uniforms whenever we were at a scouting event...including camping. Our Pack and a Troop that I am an advisor of requires the same standards as national expects for the scouts. As for leaders we require tan shirt and OD/Forest trousers. When camping we where our uniforms but have taken the initiative to "customize" a little. We ALL like the Tan Carhartt twill shirts, We remove the little carhartt tag above the right breast pocket and then swap out the carhartt buttons for official BSA button
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