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  1. Thanks for info on starting a new Troop if that is the route we decide to go. We still haven't made a decision yet as to what direction we are going and perhaps many feel it is a lost cause but we are still pressing forward with Council. My mom works with one of the board members and she has pretty much said that if we feel we need to meet with the board she could arrange that. After looking into the Councils and the GSUSA's policies and procedures and seeing that there were several staff members involved and skipped steps at the least but rushed through the entire process of dismissal
  2. Just a quick question if anyone is still reading. If we choose to set up a seperate Troop can we do that at the same Charter Organization? I saw some one say they had multiple Troops at a school but I didn't know if this was different and I realize there may seem to be a little strife if we are both operating out of the same building (even though we won't cause any problems, it might come across that we might). Second question is can we use our home as a CO? I realize that most churches, schools, etc. have insurance that we don't have but I know the GS as a whole have insurance so I
  3. Well I heard a little something back from Council, the Director of Membership Services said that she would forward my request to meet with the Troop Leader and the other members of council since they seem to have issues with me. Thanks to the advice from those in the forum my wife and I have talked and I believe that we will probably be working to start our own Troop in the fall. We have some information that we need, because we are not sure if we can just meet at the same location and be seperate or if the Council will allow us to hold meetings at our house. Either way I think that sever
  4. I will look into AHG, another mom that is in our Boy Scout Troop that has a younger daughter had mentioned it before because our area doesn't have one. Perhaps I will have my wife speak to her and some of the others that have expressed interested in supporting us if we move. We have enjoyed GS as a whole and I know they have a lot of options are far as camps and activities in our area but if they fail to meet our needs then it may be time to change venues. Eoleson, since the emails were anonymous they can't actually use that as proof of anything, there isn't anyway for them to trace it ba
  5. Yes, the Troop is quite large and very multi-leveled. We have groups and leaders at every age level and overall almost 100 girls. As far as the backpacks are concerned in my eyes it is border line stealing from the Troop. He was only invited as an advisor and he knew the back packs were supposed to be for the girls not his family. He deliberately bought them for himself rather than wait for the other leader who initiated the dealings in the first place. I appreciate all the comments and direction but I can't fully agree with everyone here. The original letter mentions me by name and
  6. Wow, quite a few responses I will try to answer everyone's questions. Some of the questions and concerns that were raised included the fact that the Troop had no real committee, the Troop Leader told everyone what was going to be done and how it was going to be done. No one really discussed anything and if some one wanted to do something he didn't approve of he told them they couldn't do it and he dictated who and what events would receive funding without any input from the other leaders. We questioned if that was the right practice or if there should be a formal committee to discuss such
  7. Okay, I finally have some news from the Council! The membership manager emailed me today (the boss of the 2 council people that signed the paper). Her response was that she spoke with the Scout Executive for the Council and that there wasn't really any major problems, that my wife did nothing wrong, and that no one was actually questioning her or our conduct or anything of the sort. She said that the problem was that my wife and myself questioned what the Troop leadership had decided on some items and we questioned the some of the Troop practices and procedures. She informed us that the T
  8. The problem with the volunteer agreement is that we have no idea what they are saying my wife did wrong. They are simply stating that she wasn't working within the Troop's policies and procedures nor with the Troop's leadership. The letter is addressed to my wife directly and they mentioned that she was no longer a leader, however when they mentioned me by name as well when it came to us only being allowed to drop-off/pick-up my daughter. With the letter addressing me by name I am now a part of this but because this effects my wife and daughter I probably would have been a part of it eith
  9. I am already working on going up the chain of command. We received the certified letter Thursday and didn't get home to read it until that evening. I sent an email to the council rep who signed the letter and all the other membership staff members along with the big council rep. I requested to a sit down meeting with all parties involved included the professional scouter and for them to list specifically what policies and procedures my wife is being accused of not following. Since they were closed Friday and some of them are out on Monday for a recruiting thing I don't expect to hear anything
  10. Okay, first let me start off by saying I am not a Girl Scout Leader but my wife is, or at least was until a few days ago. Our Council sent us a letter stating that my wife was no longer a leader and that we were only welcome to drop off/pick up our daughter. We are at a loss and completely confused on what is going on, the Council states some concerns that were expressed to them (concerns they won't tell us about) and that my wife failed to follow Troop policies and procedures. I am working on an appeal and getting some of the parents and leaders involved to hopefully write letters o
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