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  1. currently half of the manufactures in china are closed, started closing in may of this year 2008...including textiles (pants shirts socks) and other useful 'stuff', however...it leads me to beleive that the scout shops dont have all of the uniform peices because of this...example, the scout shop i go to talks about the relaxed fit pants never showing up, they dont know where they are...so this makes sense, some of the uniforms made in china are gone, manufacturing plant gone! so now what...I will stick to the traditional uniform, thats why I bought extra shirts and pants and socks...till next
  2. some may be aware of this some not, there are MORE knots being released very soon! the insignia guide is being re-written to accomadate the new ones and the proper location on the centenial uniform, which is a bit of a problem for commissioners as to where to put the patches on the left sleeve. more on the new knots later...insider information.
  3. as of now there has been rumors afloat about a lot of the "stuff" that is going on about the centenial uniform. for example it was in the works for approx 2 years, supposedly field tested, highly doubtful in my opinion, or we wouldnt have problems like buttons coming off already on the shirts and pants...also there is a rumor that the factories are short on fabric to make the uniforms. big shake up at national with the customs dept gone from north carolina, yes there are a few people there, but we dont have a in house shop to do orders. all out-sourced. as to the above mentioned about the '
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