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  1. Thanks Q I have a meeting Wednesday evening with our Youth Director to do our First Presentation to her, and from there I am hoping that by next Sunday we can do our Presentation to our Youth. Coffee, I bet, my wife and two kids will appreciate that plan, so I guess the rest of the Venturer's will probably like the plan as well. We don't learn to exceed except by learning to make mistakes along the way. We have another married couple that have shown an interest and haven't quite yet determined if they will fit better in the committee or as VP's, they have toddlers so I am leaning t
  2. Hello Fellow Venturer's. We are a new Crew in Conway AR. In Central AR we are trying very hard to get the Venturing Program up and running. We have a handful of Crew's that are starting. Our Crew is one of the newest Crew's. My wife and I finished up our Leader Specific Training just today so we are now officially trained leaders. Our two official Crew members are our two teenage kids and three of our Troop 71 kids that have doubled over. We are going to be presenting our Crew to our youth group in the next week to see if we can get some more teens to sign up. My daughter has a couple
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