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  1. Being new to the Troop, you may feel like things are quite akward in the way they are done. When a Troop Comittee has been working together for a long time they get use to each other, and to doing things a certain way. I would say to you to not try too hard to change them right away, that is not until you have been to a "Troop Committee Training". With this training you will have not only the answers you are looking for, but you will have experienced Scouters to ask specific questions about the Committee and other needs you may have. Also, remember these "Committee Members" in the troop are al
  2. Ah communication. As a Districr Commissioner I get this one often. ?Leave and go to another Pack?? Well I would cencerely hope that would not be the answer in this case. From the Council to the Den Leader there should be a seemless flow of information that goes both directions. (BOTH DIRECTIONS)!! The flow chart for communication is a simple one. Let's say you need information about a District event. As a Den Leader you go up the flow chart to the Committee Chair, or Pack Secretary to see if they have the information you need. If not you don't stop with them and expect them to get the informat
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