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  1. It's hard to believe a Try-It would require entering a chat room! Since there is no way for moderators to prevent inappropriate posts, chat rooms are only for those not easily offended. Could they perhaps mean to instant message a friend? Of course, from what I have seen, AOL will not register Brownie aged children unless they lie about their age. I don't know about MSN.
  2. ScoutNut wrote: National does not have a good track record of replying to messages, but at least the girls get the satisfaction of knowing that they did contribute some of the feedback that National keeps telling us it wants They give us s---loads of booklets and badge requirements about female empowerment and how "it's good to be a girl," and then they can't even send a form letter to girls who take the time to write?
  3. Wow... have they picked their colleges yet? My husband would appreciate a few students who write that well in his classes.
  4. And if they are trying to appeal to girls from low income families, why would they do something to astronomically increase the cost of the program?
  5. The problem is that the girls targeted by the change are still Juniors. They haven't seen the old or the new materials, and can't really envision what they will want in the program when they are a couple years older anyway. At this age, they want to redo whatever they did before that was fun -- and have to be dragged to new activities because they really are not any good at judging whether they will like an activity until they (are forced to) try it once.
  6. Whoa, can't we all just get along? Maybe it could have been worded differently, but there is a valid point. It is good to reevaluate your program if you find it is systematically deterring a particular ethnic group from joining. But if you find your program would need to radically change to appeal to that group, you'd better find out how that change will go over with your core constituency, and if necessary offer different options. And in addition to the girls, someone should look at the point of view of adult leaders -- if we think it's all B.S. and don't act as troop leaders/moderator
  7. So who were the girls in these focus groups that went for the Studio 2B concepts in the first place? And did anyone think to run it past the girls who actually stayed in scouts through Cadettes and Seniors instead of only asking the girls who weren't interested before? I think it's lame, and I'm an old fuddy-duddy. I was far more cynical at their age. ("I was so much older then; I'm younger than that now.") If anyone asked me, I'd change all the scout levels to build on the earlier ones -- as it is, when you move to the next level you're a "tenderfoot" again. Why not have badges
  8. The Studio 2B charms don't seem very appealing to me. I don't see a lot of girls wearing charm bracelets anymore -- that fad enjoyed a very brief revival. I guess their parents must have embraced it :-) But they look like exactly the sort of thing that would look good on an earring. Are anyone's girls attaching them to wires and wearing them that way? If you're trying to get girls to get recognized for the effort they put forward earning the charm, an earring is a much more visible piece of jewelry, and more likely to provoke questions about, "Where did you get that?" You can bu
  9. I also asked my council about the "zero out" rumor, and skerns123 is exactly correct. No troop could take a big trip if they couldn't carry funds over. And the cookie sale rotates time of year in different councils. Ours ends in March -- not much time to spend the money! If Planned Parenthood provides support, this is the first I'm hearing about it. But from my involvement in a community service nonprofit through my job, I can tell you that parents of girls in urban high schools are very interested in having their girls hear about sex from someone other than Abercroombie and Fitch, Cal
  10. I also think the girlie-girl part of S2B is a mistake -- the girls get way too much of that kind of pressure; GS should be an alternative. But I think that the kind of women who become scout leaders aren't in to that either. National can't force everyone into one mold, certainly not women. Women aren't in it for the recognition or to advance to higher ranks in the organization; we are in it because we find it personally fulfilling. And we are independent-minded enough to do things our own way when we have different ideas. I think you will see troops following national just eno
  11. What's wrong with having the college girls be campus girl scouts and organize programs for younger girls on schedules they can work with. The campus girl scouts at a college near us organize a badge workshop about once a year, host the thinking day celebration, and also host a seminar on some topic of interest to women followed by a formal tea (sounds goofy, but it's very popular with the girls the way they do it). Their programs are great, and probably a more valuable contribution than trying to fill the troop leader role when they don't have that kind of schedule flexibility.
  12. I'd be afraid what my kids would say about Studio 2B if they were asked to assess it. For that matter, I'd be afraid what they would say about Cadettes. We tried to start them on the Leadership Award last year, and got some pretty cynical replies on the worksheet about leadership qualities. Suffice to say they didn't feel they had learned anything new.
  13. I have heard about this Yahoo group, but Yahoo list a gazillion groups. Do you have a link?
  14. Well, our troop's previous leader has moved on to Cadettes with her daughter. I'm starting out with a half dozen sixth graders (and their very involved parents) and a flier inviting younger girls to join us. First meeting is in two weeks. While I've been assistant leader for two years, the previous leader handled all the nuts and bolts and I was cheerleader. Now I've got to do the forms, manage the money, keep things focused, etc. Any words of wisdom from the (probably not) older and wiser leaders out there who have been here before?
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