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  1. I have this flap from Naguonab # 31 that say 1999 Ripley Rendezvous, I don't seem to see it listed in the BB (Blue Book) can anyone help me figure out how its listed in the BB for this lodge? http://www.allogagan.net/oa_patch/unknown_naguonabe_31_flap.jpg in case anyone wanna see the flap.
  2. I had a similar problem at first with the cubscout pack I was part of when I first started, I am also in the Baltimore Area Council, the Catholic church pretty much said we as a pack had to attend mass at least once every 2 months but the non-Catholic boys were not going to be allowed in the service. My grandmother whom was a den mother at the time called BSA HQ in Texas and told them what was going on. BSAHQ told us the church could ask the pack to attend mass but could not willfully stop any boy willing to attend to attend the service. So I got to attend the mass but I did not particate in t
  3. Thanx all your posts have been useful. No we don't have a booklet (wish we did for my Lodge but my Lodge never considered it.)
  4. To identify a OA patch I purchased from a junk shop about 10 years ago. http://www.allogagan.net/oa_patch/unknown_oa_patch.jpg here is a scan of it to help. If anyone can help thanx if not maybe suggest a place I can try. I already checked OAimages.com with no luck.
  5. From my exp as a Chapter Chief the SM decides when to have the unit elections (either by the Chapter of the area or at a camp by the lodge representives there) and also, maybe with the help of other members of the OA and the committe, who is ready to go up for the election. I never had to go thru a Troop's EC to hold an election for a Troop only contact I had was with the SM.
  6. I guess I was a pretty old boy when I got into the OA, age 16, but once I got in I moved thru the levels pretty quickly. I was elected Chapter Chief my 2nd year as a member and kept that title for the 4 years following that I was a youth member (was Chapter Chief 4 terms a Lodge record) was even nomated for Lodge chief 2 years in a row but lost. I made vigil 4 years after my ordeal.
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