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  1. Is a Board of Review required for BSA "Scout badge" (joining acknowledgment)?
  2. Thank you NE-IV-88 Beaver An ASM (or any registered adult leader) can only be registered in one position in the troop. - Got it But if the troop happens, for what ever reason, to be lacking at the committee level, an ASM could fill that role in an effort to keep the troop going forward, but cannot participate in a board of review? Is this correct?
  3. Thank for the welcome. "if a Scouter is ASM then they are not a member of the commitee, but can attend" How can an ASM be the "outdoor activies chair" and not be a member of the commitee? (This message has been edited by fighterpilot)(This message has been edited by fighterpilot)
  4. Are adult uniformed leaders aloud to serve on the troop committee?
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