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    You have such a great attitude! I want to be a cub scout in your pack! I have been reading everything and anything on scouter.com over the past week. It is really inspirational to me, as a den leader, to see so many people understanding the value of the cub scout program. Keep it positive, fun and adventurous. I hope to use many of the great ideas that everyone has posted. thank you for sharing!
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    PWD Movie

    crew21- Wow! Another great idea! You all are very creative. I'm sure events like the ones you all are describing make scouting really special for the boys.
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    PWD Movie

    This is such a great idea!
  4. Thank you for all of the information. I feel much better knowing that other dens have done this in the past and that it is perfectly fine. I have loved every minute of being a den leader over the last year and this year. What he said (and how he said it) did not feel right to me, but I didn't know if there really was a BSA rule stating that meeting with another den made it a pack event. Because of this... I had a hard time defending my actions. I still don't really know how to prove to him that it is OK for two dens to meet. And, actually, I am resenting the fact that I am having t
  5. Thank you in advance for your help and information! Is it OK for two dens to get together for a group den meeting/activity on occasion? (Specifically wolf and bear) We did a joint meeting and were repremanded by the new committee chair for getting together and not inviting the other two dens. We were told that it is against the BSA guidelines and becomes a pack event once two or more dens get together. We were scolded for not notifyong the cubmaster, who then in turn would invite all of the other dens to the activity. I can not find any information to support the idea that it is
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