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  1. As a single mother, I was nervous about becoming involved in the scouting movement. Thankfully, I was welcomed into the fold with open arms in the Pack. The troop was a little less welcoming, but none the less, it is expected in Boy Scouts vs. Cub Scouts. Regardless, I have a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and mothereese to provide to a merry band of boys. This allowed an easy transition into the troop. Because of that, more leaders and specifically women, can see that anyone can offer something. Basically all parents are welcome and committees and subcommittees can be formed from
  2. First of all, I would like to say this website is very insightful for any leader needing any BSA information. Thank you. Secondly, in response to this issue,I find as woman scouter, that unfortunately we do have to take some extra precautions when it comes to camping with the troop. I strongly recommend that all leaders/parents in a troop read Guide to Safe Scouting and agree beforehand how to handle certain sleeping accommodations. This will avoid some problems that might occur. Having been on the majority of overnights for the last four and one-half years, I have always provid
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