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  1. So just a quick update: I made eagle scout! Just had my ceremony last week. My scoutmasters really went to bat for me and they all wrote about my qualification for eagle and my demonstration of leadership. As one put it "we made it very clear that the issue needed to be addressed." The local council granted me a b.o.r. and things went from there. Anyways, thanks for all the support on the forum, haha, never give up.
  2. Thanks for the responses guys, the help means a lot. I'm not in any way displeased with only making life scout (I guess we'll see though), and I recognize they are both great achievements. It's certainly a picture perfect life lesson I've already learned from. Would be nice though because my goal has always been to be an eagle scout like those at NASA.
  3. I did not hold any formal positions of responsibility. Edit: and by formal I mean one of the 6 month positions listed.(This message has been edited by Fabs5342)
  4. Yes to all three questions. Although, I'd rather not have to go for a time extension because I'll be in college holding a leadership position. (no thanks). I'm still working with the council to get the issue sorted out but if an appeal becomes necessary then I will. Edit: I realize I am partly responsible, but at the same time it would be expected for a scoutmaster of 9 years to know as well.(This message has been edited by Fabs5342)
  5. Hey guys, so I've ran into a bit of a crisis toward rank advancement. First off let me note that I've already turned 18. So my problem arises from when I served a scoutmaster approved leadership position. I volunteered as a youth leader to help the staff at the local scout summer camp. My scoutmasters explicitly told me it would suffice for the eagle scout rank, I even have one of their signatures in my book from when I held the position to prove it. So I went on to do my eagle project, finish those loose end merit badges, and hold my scoutmaster conference. AT my scoutmaster conference, I was
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