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  1. I agree with most of the sentiments read here. Your son obviously did the right thing, and for the right reason, at the time it was needed. He is a true scout. While recognition is nice, and helps to set the example for others down the road, it is not imperative. Everyone who was present knows what happened, including the less than responsive CC and SM. Inside your son knows he was a hero, and this is all that really matters. Some thirty years ago I was faced with a similar incident, with an Explorering buddy of mine. We were attached to a volunteer fire department a
  2. I agree with Mike Long and suggested this at last week's committee meeting. I am all for "scared straight" methodology and believe that the boys would respond positively. What do you think about having the boys attend such a "scared straight" meeting and then preparing a report to present to the entire troop? What about parental involvement? Should we make the parents aware or keep our corrective measures in-house? Our scoutmaster immediately stripped the two Eagles, one his son, of their JASM rank, just earned, when he found out about the incident. I'm not sure I would
  3. Our scouts attended summer camp last week and there was an incident where the boys were playing with an aresol can around the campfire, with one of the boys throwing the can in the fire, and two others (recent Eagles) using other cans as "torches." THis came to committee last week and our action is pending all the reports and such. Any suggestions as to a disciplinary action? Thanks CCC (Concerned Committee Chair)
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