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  1. Thank you everyone for your great advice and input. We now have options and know what we will be doing. To finalize and briefly answer eisely, in a perfect world you are correct about the charter removing a scout. However in our case, the Troop does whatever it wants and the charter blindly accepts all decisions without investigation. Basically the SM and CC hold all the power. As for my son's documentation, the previous SM signed off the project indication all merit badges are completed and POR have been met. This was done before the project was approved by Council. I do know t
  2. NACAP, Thank you for your insight. This is exactly the kind of questions I have asked others and have not yet received a clear answer. I have often wondered if the SM's actions could be considered bullying. I guess I don't understand what exactly constitutes bullying. Would you care to expand? Thank you.
  3. ..."It is more like scout was kicked out and 70% of the troop decided to walk with him in support"... You are correct. This is exactly what has happened. I originally posted this question because I was wondering if this sort of thing is common in scouting, and maybe to have some insight on other peoples' experience. All of these comments have been extremely helpful, and I welcome and appreciate all.
  4. Thank you, Beavah,for your insight and perception. Perhaps more information should be provided. Yes I am the father of the scout, and yes I am emotionally involved, however I am trying to keep an open mind about the situation and not let emotions rule reason. My former position in the troop was ASM. I say former because I don't currently have a troop since my son was removed. My son is considered by everyone else in the troop as the "model scout". He has helped many younger scouts obtain up to 1st class rank advancement. The decision to ask him to leave was made solely by SM and CC
  5. Unfortunately this story gets worse. The SM kicked the Scout out of the Troop because in essence the boy was acting like a boy scout. The SM handpicked the CC and as such had a "secret vote" only including those registered CM that were in his corner to pass the vote. The rest of the CM knew nothing about the situation. The scout and his family are currently looking for other Troops, and numerous other boys are leaving the Troop. My fear is a couple of the boys may become so frustrated they will leave scouting altogether. I am working with our local Council to attempt to convince
  6. Has anyone heard of a SM that intentionally sabotages an Eagle Project? That happened in our Troop basically because the SM always takes control of the boys projects, and one Scout fought to reclaim HIS project and as a result the SM pulled his support (according to 2011 BSA Guidelines to Advancement this is not to happen). The SM then went so far as to badger the Eagle Project sponsor until she got so frustrated she pulled her support 2 days before the project. While taking the higher ground, the scout still completed the "project" and donated the end products to the school, as w
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