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    Obama Care Vs Affordable care act.

    I rarely post but comments like these are just silly. Biological evolution simply means that there is genetic change (allele frequencies vary) within a population over time. This has been documented countless times and is not even open for debate. Lots of mechanisms are theorized to cause genetic change within populations. Random events like an extreme weather event or volcanic eruption can cause sudden changes in the overall population allele frequencies because only survivors of the event contribute to genetic makeup of population (this is called genetic drift). Mutation is the source of new alleles and if they are successful they can contribute to allele frequencies in the population. Mating patterns (random vs. non-random) of sexually reproducing species can also affect genetic makeup of a population. What Charles Darwin did was propose another mechanism, natural selection (survival of the fittest), that can account for genetic differences. All of these mechanisms have been documented to cause evolution countless times. "Belief" or "not believing" in evolution is only for those that really don't understand how life works. Those exposed to the biological sciences are not burdened by the "theory of evolution" because it is as factual as the second law of thermodynamics (entropy increases).
  2. EagleCat

    New Green Wool Jacket

    I like the looks of the new BSA green wool jackets and was thinking of buying one. But I was wondering if they are any good. Has anyone bought one yet? If so, what's your opinion. Thanks.