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  1. No, this scout is the only one who is having an issue. I have also noticed that when he walks (we had an event today) he doesn''t walk so much as he "shuffles." As much as I hate to say it, (I really do!) but it is almost like he is too lazy to pick his feet up! We are going to monitor him closely on our next campout, which will include an introductory hike and see what happens. This will be his first with a pack. If it is an issue then we will speak with the scout and his mother about some alternatives.
  2. Thanks for the input guys. I have not discussed the issue with his mother yet. I have spoke with his webelos leader and found out that the scout is involved in some LD classwork. He couldn''t really comment on any physical impairments because they didn''t really go hiking. We have decided to wait until out next campout which will include a 1 mile introduction hike. We have planned to place this scout in the front of the group to see how he does when "not allowed" to be the last one and then fall behind. We will then plan to talk with the scout and mom if the problem remains.
  3. Sorry for the length in advance! We are a new Troop of two years. We have 7 scouts who all made 1st Class first year and that included 23 nights of camping and numerous miles of backpacking, which is our main activity. We have just crossed over 8 new scouts. During our first meeting I noticed one new scout having trouble concentrating and writing things down. (ie spelling) I spoke with his webelos ldr who described him as "a little slow." Myself and the 2 ASM''s discussed this and decided that we were just going to take the extra effort to ensure he stayed w/ the group. Then came our first camping trip. This particular scout could not walk 50 yards without falling WAY behind the group. We offered him encouragement to keep up and he would repeatedly ask how much further. These were not hikes mind you but walking to various activities. This lasted all weekend. Now I have serious concerns about whether we can provide enough both academic AND physical help to keep him even close to the other boys. I know he doesn''t neccessarily have to advance with the other boys but w/ our troop activities being camping and backpacking how do we include him w/o it being to the detrement of the activity and the other scouts? He has no physical problems that would cause him to have THAT much trouble walking. Mom is the only parent and other than dropping him off is never seen. I''ve read the requirements for the "alternate" but I really don''t feel he will qualify. Any options for us?? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Eagle15

    Anybody been to Camp Bonner?

    Camp Bonner is located within our district so we go there regularly. They put on a monthly "MB weekend" program that we have had great success with. Pamilico Sea Base is ran separately from Bonner and though we have yet to attend any of the programs there I have heard nothing but good things from Troops that have.