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  1. Does anybody else feel this way? If I see a man or women in a Scout uniform in a public place (WalMart, Home Depot, etc.) I immediately have more respect for them. What is this feeling called? Thanks.
  2. One of the best components I have come across in a camporee is something that works well in a religious retreat/camporee, but may not work in a district camporee. My dad and a scout leader, both now passed away, came up with the idea of forming new patrols made up of boys from all the Scout units attending the camporee. In other words, you end up with about 8 boys or so, all from different units or at the most 2 from the same unit. Adults distribute the boys after the morning flag raising ceremony. Boys are lined up by rank and somewhat by size, then distributed into patrols. Adults watch care
  3. I became a Cub Scout in December 1967 - my church/school sponsored a pack and the other boys in my class were joining so I joined. I have been registered in Scouting ever since. Eagle in 1974.
  4. I am president of the Lutheran Association of Scouters in the Sam Houston Area Council. We are planning a retreat/camporee for the last weekend in September. Our planning committee wants numbers of those planning to attend so we can plan number of patrols, number of people eating meals, etc. Except for one problem - I can't get the Units to confirm attendance and give numbers. I tried visiting with units at the Scout Fair, e-mails, fliers, phone calls, everything - with very poor results. Is this a problem in other councils? I feel I have the let the committee down by not getting units to conf
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