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  1. Thank you for the correction on terminology. As to your question about excluding scouts, they are offered scholarships already through their respective programs. This is not to recognize a scout but to give back to the community. To make it a better place as every Eagle Scout swears to do when they first receive their award beyond just scouting. As for the Scholarships from the BSA those, you must first earn Eagle Scout. Which excludes all those who stay in scouting their whole life and never get their Eagle for some reason and all those who are not in scouting. Believe it or n
  2. Recently I was thinking how often does one hear about an Eagle Scout or Gold Scout doing something past their reward. I am asking that we as Eagle Scouts and Gold Scouts join together to begin a Scholarship separate of the ones offered just to Eagle Scouts or Gold Scouts, that is given to four High School Seniors that shows great promise in a skill. It could be writing, foreign language, science, art, mathematics, or anything that could help the student succeed in this world. The break down would be two girls not associated with Girl Scouts and two boys not associated with Boy
  3. First, of all as for the Brownie joke, that joke has been around for ages and as a boy scout I would hear it over and over again at camps. Second, as for Webelo becoming a boy scout it is a great thing if they wish to continue on with scouting. Help him understand that as a boy scout new things would be expected of him and you would still be there to help when he needs it. I crossed over in spring of 1996 and earned my Eagle Rank 6 years later and beyond thanks to the help my parents, friends and my troop gave me. Scouting can be a wonderful thing if parents and the boys un
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