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  1. Well, Richard, we'd all take the discussions much more seriously if BSA would BACK UP their position on H&S instead of just saying "hey, we've decided this is bad for no particular reason." Case in point? Lasertag. Compare safety issues in a commercial lasertag establishment with things that are allowed - skiing, hunting, snowmobiling, etc. Where are the statistics? If there are none, then be honest about it and admit that policy is part of H&S, not just safety. Otherwise, stick solely to H&S issues and let policy statements be found elsewhere. Now they are even talking
  2. It amazes me that anyone took my prank seriously. Just read it. When has BSA *EVER* offered an explanation as to why it is making a change? When has BSA *EVER* recognized Powder Horn on an equal footing with Wood Badge (even though PH is a *FAR* superior and much more useful training, WB is the one with the reputation)? YPT is a local thing, and National has NO records of this training, so how can they require you put it on the TP? And WB or PH as required training to sign a form? Oh come now. Not to mention the virtual impossibility of the regional offices handling the volume. Ah well
  3. The reference to the ban on flashlight tag is quite real. In a commercial context, it is called "lasertag" and the G2SS specifically bans it, but for a very narrow window the lasertag ban was removed then put back. Lasertag is definitely indistinguishable from flashlight tag, just done indoors with some high tech targeting equipment, using the catchy name "laser" to make those flashlights sound like more than they are
  4. This was MY April Fools Prank. C'mon, do you really think they would need wood badge for a tour permit? Geez.
  5. Greetings! I have created an unofficial western region World Jamboree International Service Team patch for wear or collection. I am selling them for $3 each (postage included). If you are interested, or collect WJ items and wnat same, drop me a line at robertsd@sbcglobal.net To see the patch, link to http://www.sageventure.com/scouting2007/IST/logo.html and click on the link called "pop-window" to see the patch. It features the western regaion rearing stallion and star, the UK logo from the WJ official patch and the international purple color.
  6. There has been a bit of misinformation so let's get this straight. For the 2007 WJ, there are an abundance of unfilled youth slots, particularly for female venturers. Cost is $3975 + about $1000 for expenses. 2003 WJ in Thailand was $3625 + about $1000 for expenses. Cost is highly dependant on host country fee set for attendees. Expect no more than $4000-4500 for the fee in 2011 unless air fare prices and exchange rates go through the roof. Given the accommodations, touring, meals and transportation, this fee is VERY competitive with a tour company offering something similar
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