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old centennial switch uniform

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  • old centennial switch uniform

    hi there

    i really like the old version of the centennial switchback trousers in supplex (with the vertical leg zips). was there also an older version of the scout shirt in supplex that was issued at the same time or is it identical to the newer SB shirts in supplex? just curious if there was an old version that had a different fit/features.

    thanks much.

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    There was a Centennial Nylon Supplex uniform shirt and a Centennial Nylon Supplex Switchback pant. Both are now on closeout and discontinued.

    The nylon has been replaced by the new microfiber shirt and switchback pants. There is a fit difference between the nylon and microfiber versions.

    One other option exists. There is a Poplin shirt and Canvas convertible (switchback legs) pants.


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      I got big money that says national will replace the uniform before the Jambo.....

      Easy way to guarantee 80,000 sets of pants and shirts. just say 2 per attendee.

      So that is roughly $90 per set....that is 7.2 million dollars in sales.... Just for the jamboreee attendees.....


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        You are referring to Generation 1 Switchbacks, and they are pre-CUs. They actually go with the ODL shirts, and with the exception of the sizing, they are big, they were awesome.

        PM me with sizing info and I may be able to help you. I was told the sizing was off, and when they went on sale I bought 4 pairs, 2 of the L and 2 of the XLs. I got one set of XLs that have only been tried on. Tags still on them and everything.

        Also the local distributor may have some still, but they are not at the sale price I got mine for.


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          thanks for the help everyone. so i now have some pre-CU switch trousers. what does the pre-CU shirt look like? does anyone have a link so i can find the right shirt (i just don't like mixed up uniforms)? thanks again.


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            The Oscar DeLaRenta shirts form the 80s and 90s are the shirt to wear. BUT the CUs and the ODLs are fully interchangeable. you can waer the new shirt and pants but keep the old socks and belt. Wear the old shirt but new pants. etc.

            Now when it comes to insignia there are different opinions. Some say you need all new insignia for the new shirts, i.e. tan and green numbers and green loops for Boy Scouts and their leaders, and all old insignia for the old shirts, i.e. must have the red and white numbers and red loops on the old shirts. Some say that since national stated the two uniforms are fully interchangeable, then the red and whites can stay on the new shirts when the Webelos cross over and the CS leaders become BS leaders.


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              This 'member' started by posting new threads in multiple forums. Now he has changed his tactic to placing the same ad inside existing threads. If a moderator misses this, please ignore the posts. But I am going to leave his 'placeholder' so that it will be easy to search on his name to find the other instances where he has posted this same ad. Sorry for the interruption.