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  • 2007 Jambo Staff

    Any one know how to sign up for staff for the 2007 World Jambo?

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    Google is a wonderful thing.


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      I looked on google, and can't find anything about what "staff" positions need to be filled. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

      Also, what is the "contingent" staff mentioned on National's website?



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        I never seem to have much joy with links to the BSA site
        You want to try and end up at:
        Try going to the BSA site then to the 2007. Then download the leader application.(A pdf file.
        On the app there are details for service team members.
        I have heard that there are already a great number of these already in at National, so you may want to move fast.
        I just tried the link that I provided and it works(This message has been edited by Eamonn)


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          What is contingent staff vs. service staff???

          Where would I find the medical guys? How about the Ham Radio group???


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            As yet the Brits have yet to say what sort of staff they are in need of.
            It might be that they don't need or just don't want people to sign up for specific tasks and only need people to help do mundane tasks like putting Scouts on and off buses.
            There is a place on the 2007 Jamboree site where you can sign up for information. I signed up some time back and up till now have only received information about Eurojam. Which was really of no interest to me as I knew I would be at our National Jamboree.
            Unfortunately a separate corporation has been set up for both Eurojam and the 2007 Jamboree, so things are not under the management of the International Department at Gilwell Park. At times it does seem that there is a lack of effective communication between the Jamboree organizers and the Scout Association.
            My hope is that once Eurojam is out of the way and they have had a chance to see what worked and what didn't work at Eurojam, things will become a lot clearer.
            Sad to say from the reports I'm getting Eurojam was not the hit they had hoped for. I have been given a lot of different reasons for this, the main one being the cost, which was very high. Also they didn't attract the UK Scouts from the south of England, as they can camp in that part of the UK any old time for a heck of a lot less.
            Of course what I'm hearing might not be accurate!!
            NE-Area 4 World Jamboree Chairman.


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              There are a few different categories of participants to the WJ, I suppose very similar to those at the EJ2005. There were 5 different necker's borderline colours to tell them apart. Young People (yellow), Troop Staff (green), Contingent Staff (dark blue), IST (light blue), and the core organisation staff (purple). For 2007, all but the last can only apply through their national scouting organisation (NSO). Troop staff are the adults directly in charge of the YP, Contingent Staff are the NSO delegation staff. IST are the workhorses on the Jambo site, doing all the catering, servicing, programs etc. and that would include medics and Hams.

              On the EJ2005 I was in the IST, operating GB5EJ, the amateur radio station. We had a good dozen hams and operated daytime and evenings. For the WJ we plan to have a much larger group and hopefully we'll operate 24/7 and be a ticketed activity. I have been accepted by my NSO, Scouting Nederland, as IST for the WJ2007 and really hope to be in the ham team once again but that's something that remains to be confirmed. My eldest son Bauke will be coming as YP in Dutch Troop#5.

              Previously, I operated for a day at PA6WSJ (WJ1995), and was QRV from PA6N/J throughout our National Jamboree 2004. I started scouting as a Cub in 1965, participated as a ham in JOTA since 1978 (even from Curaao PJ in 1987), became Radio Interested Scout #410 in 1991 or so and today besides radio scouting I'm still very active as the Cub Scout Master, Seeonee Pack, Scouting Ashanti ( in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. My Cubs know me by my scoutname Chikai, the jumping rat from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.

              73 and a firm left handshake,

              Paul PA5UL Chikai