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  • Last 24 Hours button

    The old system had a button for showing all threads active in the past 24 hours. Shortly after the conversion, you guys added a similar button to this system, but it has gone away during the various updates. Can we have it back? Or can someone explain how to use the filter function to get the same result? I see how to do that on each individual topic, but what the old buttons did was provided that across all topics and threads.

    Unless someone has figure out something above my pay grade, I'm having to open each topic to see if there are any active threads below the one which is featured on the main page. Kind of a pain.

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    There is a "Today's Posts" button, but as soon as you log in, it goes away. If you want to leave a reply, you have to log in, post your reply, then log back out to review the other posts. It's a pain...more than I'm willing to deal with.


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      Try this. It seems to be working for me:
      Before you log in. Click on the last 24hrs button. Then save it as a bookmark. After I logged in, and went to several other posts, I was able to get to it via the bookmark/favorites link.